What is the minimum age requirement?

As of October 2, 2016, We do not have a minimum age requirement , however we strongly recommend to be over 18 to use our services… If you’d like to delete your account, please visit your Settings. If you have any questions, please email info@PetMet.me


My messages are not going through?

I would suggest trying again at a later time , Please use a strong internet connection. Please check @PetMetApps on Twitter for updates.


I lost all my Matches!

Try Logging in and logging out using our setting tab on the left corner.


I accidentally left-swiped someone, can I get them back?

As of October 2, 2016 PetMet App does not support go back, however the support team is working on a new version (Upgrade ) that could give the back option to power users.


I can’t log in.?

Please check @PetMetApps on Twitter for updates. If the issue persists, try to reinstall the app. Delete the app from your phone and download PetMet again. The matches and massages would not be deleted as long as you are using the same account.


How can i change my pets profile pictures?

Use the left corner tab for Edit profile , click on your existing pet picture and change it using the possible options from your phone or direct from the Camera.


How can i like or dislike the others pet pictures?

Use both the card mode or Feed mode for Like(green Paw) and dislike (red X) .


Where can i change the gender that i am looking for?

Use the left tab for settings and choose the gender , breed and distance.

You can also see and change the notification settings on the same page.